Modern style of Management

Do you have your internal processes mapped?

Are your internal processes efficient?

Do you have an efficient organizational structure in place? Are there not too many or too few of you?

Do you, as the owner, executive, have enough space for strategic decision-making, or are you overwhelmingly consumed by too many operational duties and responsibilities?

Are there particular job titles withing the company interchangeable and substitutable?

Have you had the management systems in place within your corporation which would ensure that the company would easily operate in your short-term absence?

Are you convinced that what you are doing cannot be done better?

Are your employees motivated enough?

Do your employees work efficiently?

Is a positive mood to be felt among your employees within the company you steer?

Are you using lean-manufacturing tools? Lean Manufacturing
The chain is as strong as its weakest link.

The chain is as strong as its weakest link.

Services within this field:

  • Vision and mission of the company
  • Corporate policies, quality policy, EHS policy, HR policy
  • Quality Manual (should it be in place),Ethical Codex (should it be in place), Corporate Operational Procedures
  • Organizational Chart, Organizational Structure of the Company
  • Corporate economic indicators
  • Quality – customer satisfaction with the products and services offered by the Company
  • Composition of customers and their stratification within the Company
  • Suppliers Base of the Company
  • Corporate marketing activities
  • Entrepreneurial and Business-like activities of the Company
  • Human Resources

    • Organizational structure,
    • Job description of the Management Personnel,
    • Saturation of employees at particular job/working positions
    • Motivation of employees

  • Internal Corporate Processes

    • Processes at particular departments,
    • Interaction among singular departments,
    • Adoption and active utilization of the Lean Production principles (lean manufacturing) or Lean Office principles and approaches (lean office)
    • In-house Maintenance
    • Quality Management system within the company and particular appending indicators
    • Environment, Health and Safety, efficiency of implemented measures