Does the external presentation of your company match the quality of your product?

Are you having trouble finding new customers?

Can you market your product in a professional and effective way?

Are you able to make your company visible in an efficient manner?

Are you adequately prepared for dealing with the client?

Are you interested in expanding your activities onto the foreign markets?
- The first impression is the most important!

Are you considering creating a new brand, eventually a Product Line?

The first impression is the most important!

Services within this field:

  • Analysis of the starting circumstances
  • Assessment of the product and services portfolio
  • Proposing the marketing strategy and the budget
  • Implementation of the marketing strategy focusing on the measurable targets and objectives
  • Comprehensive reporting and re-evaluation, re-assessment of the marketing efficiency implementation
  • Creation of new product lines and brands – branding
  • Management of social networks, social networking – right approaches
  • public relations